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The Salon Business
Name Evaluator

Whether you’re just starting our or thinking of changing the name of your existing beauty business, The Salon Business Name Evaluator will select the perfect name for your salon, clinic or spa!
quick start

Quick Start

This guide will quickly show you how to use The Salon Business Name Evaluator and the criteria used so that you get the most out of it.
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How To Choose the Perfect
Beauty Business Name

In this short video I explain everything about choosing the right name for your salon, clinic or spa, how to generate exciting new ideas and everything you should think about when coming up with your short list of names!

Using The Salon Business Name Evaluator – An Example

A quick video tutorial where I walk you through exactly how I use The Salon Business Name Evaluator
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How To Confidently Attract
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How Many Clients you REALLY Need To Reach Your Goals

Hint: I bet it’s fewer than you think

The Biggest Secret to Getting The Right Clients

that 99% of beauty business owners do not know about!

How To Double Your Existing Re-Bookings Overnight

My super simple tip that you won’t believe works as well as it does.

How to Guarantee Your New Clients Come Back Again

Banish those ‘one time visit’ clients for good and make more money from each new client you get.